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People with bipolar disorder are extremely creative so having the opportunity to use that creativity in our career brings great satisfaction. We all know how stress can trigger symptoms of both mania and depression, so finding an opportunity that doesn’t over-stress you is important. No matter how well you manage your symptoms, there will be days that you need to take a mental health day from work. Most employers only offer 5 sick days per year, and for me, that was never enough, even at my best.

Finding an opportunity that rewards creativity, is low stress, and is flexible can be a challenge, I know. I tried to find a job I liked for years because I was almost always over-stressed and unhappy. If you want to check out what I’m doing now, you can do so by clicking here, or read on and see my review of my #1 job recommendation for people with bipolar disorder.

My Unique Take on Wealthy Affiliate

I found Wealthy Affiliate while working full time as a high school math teacher. I was looking for something I could do as a side hustle, both in the evenings, after work and full time during the summer. While I was looking for ways to start a part time business online I ran across many online programs that promised the moon but could clearly not deliver. Wealthy Affiliate was different.

The more research I did, the more I felt that it was a genuine opportunity to build an online business from home. Although I could work on my own schedule, it was going to take a fair amount of work before I started making any money. It takes most people about 3 months before seeing any significant returns, I busted my butt and made my first sale within the first month of the training.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you a simple business model with 4 steps: choose an interest, build a website, attract visitors, and earn revenue through affiliate sales.


Choose an Interest: It can be anything you want

I really liked the idea that my business could be centered around an interest of my choosing, and believe it or not, it took a little bit of time before I was able to find something I was happy with.

My first idea was wearable technology because I love FitBits and smart scales and all the new stuff coming out is really intriguing to me. While it is definitely possible to create a profitable website around this “niche”, I decided to keep pushing.

I realized that the reason I liked wearable technology is because it helped me manage the symptoms of my bipolar disorder. I also realized that there were many other tools I used and could share with people about how I manage my symptoms. So I decided to create a site around healthy living for people with bipolar disorder. The best part is that I am able to earn an income while I help people struggling with bipolar disorder, and I get to do it from home.

Build a Website: Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy

Once I had my area of interest established, building the website was easy, and I had no prior experience building websites. Wealthy Affiliate provides step by step training through video and text on how to set up a professional looking WordPress site.

The training covers everything from setting up the website and giving it a professional looking design, to installing the proper plugins to eliminating spam and maximizing your performance in the search engines, etc..

Attract Visitors: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook

The best way to start attracting readers to your website is a combination of keyword research and social media marketing. Wealthy Affiliate provides the training but they also offer a free tool for doing keyword research.

The info provided by the research tool includes how many people search the term in a given month, how many sites are competing for those key words and even how much traffic you are likely to get if you write a blog post focused on those keywords.screenshot-at-sep-28-18-50-22

The keyword research tool has been invaluable in helping me write articles that address a need. They help me see what people want to read. This way I know what people are struggling with because that’s what they are searching for on Google. This allows me to do some more research and get ideas for my next article.

To effectively promote your website on social media you need to consistently follow best practices. Wealthy Affiliate hosts a weekly webinar covering a range of topics, one of which is social media marketing.

Earn Revenue: Sell stuff that people want

Maybe you can relate, when I first started looking for ways to earn money online I would do some research on an opportunity, but time and time again I walked away thinking, “What does this company even do?” The opportunities often didn’t make sense so I never took the plunge. Not so with Wealthy Affiliate, it made sense right away.

Affiliate Marketing is as simple being the middleman that introduces the buy to the seller. Sales is one of the oldest, and highest paid professions ever. People have been making money through affiliate sales online for well over a decade. Now, the technology is simpler and it’s easier than ever to set up a site, find some good partners and get going.

Training is top notch, you won’t find anything like it elsewhere

The best thing, by far, about Wealthy Affiliate is it’s organized training library. The format of the  Certification Courses is very user friendly. There is a 10-30 minute video showing you what to do step by step for each lesson, there is also a reading section, but most importantly, each lesson ends with task list. Each task list requires you to do what was taught during that lesson plus write a new blog post before moving on to the next lesson.

There is also affiliate bootcamp if you decide you’d like to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program itself. Personally, I started with the Certification Courses first, set up my BipolarAndAlive.com site, started earning an income through affiliate sales, and then began the Affiliate Bootcamp so I could earn an additional stream of income stream with a second website.

Support is Fast and Helpful

As simple as it is to set up a website these days, you’re bound to get stuck somewhere. I cannot emphasize how awesome it is to have the chat, support, and training all under the same hood. Whenever I have a question, I do one of three things, and all three have gotten me excellent, timely responses.

1. Ask live chat

This is probably the quickest option since it’s live and there is usually someone experienced who can help you out. If you have questions about a specific plugin or something to do with your site, you will want to submit a support ticket.

2. Post a question on your profile

I didn’t use this option for the first few months of my membership because I didn’t know about it. If you post a question, your network or “friend list” will see it and you will get a fairly detailed response. I usually use this option if I am looking for people’s opinion about something. You can use it for technical questions as well, but I’ve found it best to save those for Support. Here’s an example of a question I asked and the level of quality responses you can expect: Is it better to send plain text emails?screenshot-at-sep-30-20-47-48

3. Submit a help request ticket to support

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate support has been quite impressive. The other day I was having trouble changing the order of the titles in my menu, I just couldn’t figure it out. I sent a message to support and within 5 min they fixed the problem.

I was impressed, not only because of how fast they responded, but the fact that they fixed the problem for me. Usually if you ask for help from a company’s support team they email you a list of instructions. Wealthy Affiliate went into my back office and did the tweak so I didn’t have to.


I was teaching high school math when I decided it was time to look for a side hustle, mainly because teaching was super stressful, even with summers off, and frankly, it didn’t pay the bills. I almost gave up hope, and then I found Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have been thinking of starting a side hustle or are looking for a way to earn some extra money on the side, Wealthy Affiliate was designed for you. It will not require more time than you have because it is totally self paced. Personally, I wake up an hour earlier than I used to so I can put  in at least an hour each day.

If you don’t know anything about how to build a website, Wealthy Affiliate was designed for your. By the time you finish the Certification Courses you will laugh at how simple it is.

If you already have a website/blog but aren’t earning an income from it, Wealthy Affiliate will help you. By going through the training courses you will learn why affiliate marketing is much more profitable than pay per click advertising, which many bloggers try to do.

Wealthy Affiliate is risk free and is worth taking a closer look at it. I recommend you create a free account by clicking here, set up a profile and start poking around the lessons and see if it’s something you can see yourself doing. There’s nothing like earning money from the comfort of your own couch.

Wealthy Affiliatelaveradesign-wealthy-affiliate-university-learn-network-build-succeed

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

Price: Starter Membership: $0 (Join Here)

Price: Premium Membership: $49/month OR


Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: WealthyAffiliate.com

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