About Layne

Layne_Headshot_2016-4-minHey guys! My name is Layne and I have bipolar disorder. Over the years I’ve watched my mood swing up and down, and with it, my physical energy. During the highs I had lots of energy, and during the lows it was a gloomy state of fatigue.

For many years I tried to treat my mood disorder, with limited success. Things like cognitive behavior therapy, talking with a therapist and taking medication all helped me function, but I knew I was missing something and truthfully, I already knew what it was: diet and exercise. I knew I had to eat healthy and stay active and I would have periods of time where I exercised and felt great, but would eventually get bored, have an off day, and then drop the routine altogether.

I created BipolarAndAlive.comĀ as a way to help people suffering from bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses start their treatment plan where they should, diet and exercise. I will be here with you while you are trying to find what will work for you and I will share how I’ve used diet and exercise to truly transform my life and the way I view bipolar disorder (Spoiler Alert! It can be a good thing).

At the time of this writing I am 31 years old. My journey from surviving to thriving has included many ups and downs. At my lowest state of depression, I was psychologically bedridden. I would only get up to raid the kitchen, go to the bathroom, and go back to bed. Besides dealing with the emotional depression, I was physically fatigued.

At the highest state of mania, I felt euphoric, but I would forget to slow down to eat and sleep. This is how the cycle perpetuates itself. What goes up, must come down.

There are certain things you can do to manage your symptoms
There are certain things you can do to manage your symptoms

Those high highs and low lows were few and far between for me, but they can be intense and even a little scary; it’s hard on our loved ones too. Not to mention that cleaning up the mess (medical bills, job loss, damaged relationships, etc.) once the dust settles can feel impossible.

But really, it’s the daily ups and downs that get to you and eventually lead to those crisis situations. How much your mood swings varies person to person. Some people carry a constant depression that spikes every so often for short periods of time, others cycle more rapidly.

However you experience the symptoms of bipolar, proper nutrition and exercise will help stabilize your mood. Not only that, but you will be in a better position to create opportunities for yourself and get to work on making your dreams a reality.

If you would like to talk about building your own workout/meal plan, just send me an email and check back later. I will be updating the site with ideas on how to make this whole process a lot more enjoyable for you.

There’s a long road ahead, but you’re going to do great. Thanks for dropping by!


Founder of BipolarAndAlive.com